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Forced Order
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What gift does Lady Galadriel give Gimli on the Fellowship's departure from Lothlorien?
Who discovered the one ring in the river Anduin?
Name the ent whom Merry and Pippin stay with while Entmoot is occuring
Give 7 names that Aragorn in known as. (Excluding title of lineage) (In alphabetical order) Name one
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4
Name 5
Name 6
Name 7
Name the members of the Royal family of Rohan alive during the events of the Lord of the Rings. (Alphabetical order) Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4
Who does Sam marry?
Where is the army of the dead used in the book?
Name the elf that Frodo, Sam and Pippin spend the night with during their journey to Buckland
What is the name of the house that Frodo buys in Buckland?
What is Iarwain Ben Adar more commonly known as?

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