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Forced Order
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What is the name of Vernon's company?
Who did Voldemort obtain the locket and the cup from?
What was the name of her house elf?
Which Director of a Marvel film also starred in Harry Potter?
What is the full name of Voldemorts wizard grandfather?
Who are the 5 animagi mentioned in the series? Animagus one
Animagus two
Animagus three
Anumagus four
Animagus five
Name the first four DADA professors and detail why they left. Professsor 1
Reason 1
Professor 2
Reason 2
Professor 3
Reason 3
Professor 4
Reason 4
What is the name of Trelawney's great-grandmother?
What does Xenophilius Lovegood mistake for the horn of a crumple horned nsnorlack?
What does R.A.B. stand for?
Who is Harry famously descended from?

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