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QUIZ: Can you name the person who received a presidential pardon or commutation?

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MadisonNot quite Jack Sparrow; Jackson might have been a more fitting pardoner
JohnsonA gray issue; actually, over half a million gray issues
JohnsonConspired to assassinate Johnson's predecessor
HardingInternational Workers of the World unite!
NixonAnd Teamsters too!
FordIva Toguri D'Aquino
Ford50,000 of them
FordHe was not a crook, or so he said
CarterA real CREEP
CarterNot Paul or Mary, but maybe Puff
CarterAnother gray issue
ReaganDeep Throat
ReaganBut not for what he did to baseball
BushA Soviet-loving capitalist or a baking soda brand??
ClintonBlood is thicker than water
BushFlamed out, or outed Plame

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