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Can you guess the correct song titles that have had two letters changed?

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Artist and Fake TitleReal Title
Bobby Helms - Jungle Bull Rock
Metallica - Caster Of Muppets
The Animals - Horse Of The Rising Pun
Cake - Short Shirt Long Packet
Black Sabbath - Sweat Loaf
The Shins - Few Clang
Bruce Springsteen - Lancing In The Park
Eminem - The Heal Slam Shady
Garbage - Posh In
Good Charlotte - Held In
The Goo Goo Dolls - Long Ray Town
Green Day - Brian Stew
Jewel - Miss The Blame
Ozzy Osbourne - Papa, I'm Coming Home
Billy Joel - Bag Shut
Artist and Fake TitleReal Title
Ke$ha - Your Lore As My Drug
Carole King - It's Moo Mate
Limp Bizkit - Creak Stiff
Lisa Loeb - Go You Sheep
Madonna - Make A Vow
No Doubt - Sample Kind Of Lime
Pearl Jam - Batter Can
Prince - Loft and Net
Elton John - Goodbye Mellow Brink Road
Johnny Cash - Bug Liver
Rush - Tim Lawyer
Shakira - Lips Don't Tie
Simon & Garfunkel - A Lazy Shade Of Tinter
James Taylor - Mire and Pain
Weezer - Muddy Dolly

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