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Can you guess the connecting NFL names that complete the before and after puzzles?

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First Name(s)/Nickname(s)Connecting NameLast Name(s)
Eddie, JeffBlanda
'Night Train'Howell, Kiffin
Chester, LawrenceJacobs
Jorick, TomJohnson
Chris, GerardMoon
Anthony, Chris, TravisEllard, Jordan
Andrew, La'RoiQuin
Derrick, ThurmanJones
LeoHillis, Manning
'Jeep'Faryniarz, Favre
Kyle, TomPoppinga, Quinn
Canute, MikeConway, Martin
BobDitka, Pruitt
BillyMontana, Namath
RichIrvin, Vick
Arthur, Brandon, BudFaulk
Carlos, HarryPalmer, Wentz
JimAkers, Terrell
Joe, Ken, KevinPayton
First Name(s)/Nickname(s)Connecting NameLast Name(s)
Al, PaulSanders
Bill, DonaldGifford, Gore
Damariay, DavonBledsoe, Brees
AdamGriese, Hayes
David, LaMarrLewis
Jared, MarcusAldridge Jr.
Brady, EdgerrinHarrison, Lofton
Davin, JonathanAddai
JamaalHaley, Woodson
Deion, FrankShiver
Ken, OttisRussell
Glen (Ray)Ward
Don, NilesKrause, Warfield
Bill, Bobby, Brice, JackBy'not'e
Andre, EdDoughty
Carver, JohnSharpe
Anthony, JohnnySwann
LouAnderson, Gastineau
Aundray, IsaacMatthews, Smith

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