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Rebellion In Dreamland
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1
New Born Day
Prison Of Desire
Consign To Oblivion
Touched By The Crimson King
Silent Company
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
Gates Of Oblivion
Of Wars In Osyhria
Glory To The Brave
100 Days
Lord Of Earth And Heaven's Heir
Legends Of Now And Nevermore
Imaginations From The Other Side
Afterlife, Shadowland
Horror Show
Exiled To Infinity And One
Hero Nation, As One
The Book Of Heavy Metal
The Reaper
Burning Earth, Forged By Fire
Celestial Entrance, Infinity Divine
Cosmovision, Silent Room
Undead, Matters Of The Dark
Fall Into Madness, Diabolic Symphony
Scent Of Human Desire
Dreamland Manor
Evolution Purgatory
Nuclear Fire, Black Sun
Eden Of A Parallel Dimension
Illusions, Memories Of A Dream
Human Device, Enclosed
Stream Of Consciousness
Return To Heaven Denied, Sons Of Thunder
Hastings 1066
Endless Power, Frozen Sky
Ocean's Heart, Phoenix
The Spirit Of Ukko
Angels Cry, Temple Of Shadows
New Protection
New Era, Trinity
In Paradisium
Long Live The King, The Great Fall
Primo Victoria, The Art Of War
Resurrection, Rising Symphony
Under Jolly Roger, Death Or Glory
Edge Of Tomorrow
Secrets Of The Elder
Dust To Dust, Sign Of The Winner
Amina Mundi
Prophet Of The Last Eclispse
Metallic Tragedy
Shadow Of The Red Baron
Voice From The Silence
Shadows In The Mirror
Beyond Earth, Illusion Dimensions
Silence, Ecliptica
Reign Of Elements, Mortal Mind Creation
Captain Morgan's Revenge
Dead City Dreaming, In Silence They March
The Alliance Of The Kings
The White Path Of Rebirth
The Metal Opera, The Scarecrow
Mandrake, Vain Glory Opera
Inhuman Rampage, Valley Of The Damned
Wings Of Forever, Blood Alliance
Fuel To The Fire
The Symbolist
Evillot, Lightbringer
Escape From Twilight
Savageland, Temple Of Two Suns
Portrait Of A Hanged Man, Worship
Satrap, Damnation
Unrestricted, Twice Second
Revolution Rising
Heart Of A Killer
Time For Expiation
Metal Slave, Declaration Of War
Battlecry Under A Wintersun
Reborn In Steel, Slaughter Prophecy
Underworld, Sanctis Ignis
Into The Dark Past, Enlighten The Darkness
Corruption Within, A Chaos Theory
Only Human, Heart Of Steel
Legend Of The Bonecarver, Immortal
Awakening The World
Thousands Of Winters Of Flames
All Is Dust
Ashes And Madness
Enter Deception
Follow The Reaper, Hatebreeder
Timeless Departure, Spectral
Fragments Of The Moon, Rainforest
Blood Guts & Glory, In Thy Power
The Second Coming, Valley Of The Lost
Holy War, Starfall
Arcana, Sunrise In Eden
In Search Of Truth, Recreation Day
The Sceptre Of Deception
Awaken The Guardian, No Exit
The Call
Defying The Rules
Blade Of Triumph, Thunderstorm
From The Cradle To The Brave
In Shadows Lost From The Brave
Ample Destruction
Master Control
Crystal Logic, Open The Gates
The Dark, Blessing In Disguise
The Prophet Of Evil
Echoes Of A Nightmare
The Dark Legacy
Beyond The Space Beyond The Time
Embrace Of A Chasm
Lupus Dei
The Headless Horseman
Tunes Of Steel
Far From The Madding Crowd
The XIII Skull
The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Soldiers Of Sunrise
The Delirium Veil
Embrace The Silence
Soldiers Of The Night
Ghost Reborn
Into The Enchanted Chamber
Mirror Of Souls
Twilight In Olympus, Iconoclast
Book Of The Dead, Unseen
Heading Northe
Suicide By My Side
The Equal Spirit
Refuge Denied
Perfect Man
Battle At Helm's Deep
Walpurgis Night
Crystal Empire, Eternity
Fallen Empires
Waves Of Visual Decay
Andromeda Unchained
Metal Machine
The Oracle
Awakening Day
The Neverending Sun
The Last Of My Kind
Tin Soldiers, Evil Needs Candy Too
Games People Play, Thunderdome
Prayer For The Dying
Dragon's Secrets
Tomorrow's World
Changing Times
The Warning
Breathe Deep The Dark
License To Kill
Legend Of The Forgotten Reign
Usual Tragedy
Spell Of Iron
Marching Out, Trilogy
Sacred Ground
Holy Hell
Waiting For The Dawn
Order Of The Illuminati
Human Parasite
Through Painful Lanes
Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom
Symphony Of The Night
Flames Of Rage, Twilight On Humanity
Beyond The Stars
Tears In Floods
Colors Of Conflict
Final Victory
One For All -- All For One
The Final Requiem, Far From Heaven
Heathen Machine
Enter Eternity
The Silent Republic
Quick Silver Light
Parody Of Life
Oceans Of Time, Black Moon Pyramid
Street Ready

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