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Forced Order
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Who said? AnswerCharacters
''To be continued..''(The first time)
''What am I? captain F**king tent shop?!''
''You don't have to kiss me because you feel sorry for me''
''I like talking to you. And I don't like talking to just anybody''
''People can either accept you as you are, or they can f**k off''
“I don’t like boys. Even if I did like boys and I was fat and I wore a swimsuit they’ll like me anyway. Because I’m brilliant”
''Oh my god, who's idea was it to meet for food?''
''you don’t tell me who I can and can’t fancy, alright? That is mine! That belongs to me, no one else, no one. Not even you.''
''You don't like it anywhere, because you don't like yourself!''
''No, but lets be cowards together''
''Do you know what? I don't even care what they think of me''
Who said? AnswerCharacters
''Chloe looked so good in her underwear''
'' who's this Danny guy then?''
''It's my job.. job number three.. taking care of my sweet ladies yes?''
''My name is Mrs. Bouchtat now''
''What about what he wrote on your back? He must like ya''
''Well, are you seeing anyone else?''
''I'm just worried about her. Why did she set the alarm off?''
''Backstreet boys make me want to scald my inner thighs!''
''Stop staring at me. It freaks me out''
''I've never told anyone because its none of their business''
''Lets be honest, if he likes big boobs he's struck gold''

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