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What is the first movie in the MCU?
Who is Mr. Blue?
What is Ivan Vanko's alter-ego name?
What is the name of Jane Foster's intern?
What is playing on the radio when Steve Rogers wakes up at the end of 'Captain America: First Avenger'?
Who does Loki speak to in space in 'The Avengers'?
What company does Aldrich Killian represent?
Who releases the prisoners from Asgard in 'Thor: The Dark World'?
Who is the Winter Solider?
Where do all five members of Guardians of the Galaxy first meet?
Who helps Tony survive a bomb explosion in 'Ironman'?
What University does the Hulk have a showdown with the U.S. Government?
Who breaks Ivan Vanko out of jail?
Who rules the Frost Giants?
Where is Steve Rogers from?
Who does The Other work for in 'The Avengers'?
Where does Tony Stark end up after his house is destroyed by The Mandarin?
What infinity stone is dealt with in 'Thor: The Dark World'?
Who's death is faked in 'Captain America: The Winter Solider'?
Who kills The Other?
Who is the daughter of 'Thunderbolt'?
Which S.H.I.E.L.D. agent makes cameos in the movies?
Who is Matt Murdock's best friend?
Who betrays S.H.I.E.L.D. to work for John Garrett?
What is Skye's real name?
What does Thor battle in New Mexico?
Which alien race invades New York in 'The Avengers'?
Sam Wilson is also known as...
Christine Everhart works for which publication?
Who is the Kingpin's right hand man?

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