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Who is the secretary that is in love with James Bond?
What country does James Bond work for?
Which villain has James Bond encountered the most?
Who is The Man with the Golden Gun?
What golf ball type does Auric Goldfinger use?
What country was James Bond born in?
What does Donald Grant refer to Bond as?
What food does Kamal Khan offer Bond when he is his prisoner inside his mansion?
Who is 'M's boss?
What is MI6's cover name?
Which famous mountains are Blofeld's allergy research center located?
Which Bond character can NOT die?
Max Zorin was a former _____ member...
'Why have you disobeyed my strictest rule and visit me in broad daylight?' - This is the first line spoken from which villain?
Which German henchman enjoys torture and refers to Dr. Kauffman as his 'father'?
Which henchman has a metal hook for a hand?
What is the password Bond uses to secure his Casino Royale winnings?
Octopussy runs what type of show?
How many rounds of ammo does Whitaker claim to have when battling Bond?
Colombo enjoys snacking on what?
Who is 'protecting' Willard Whyte when Bond arrives at his safe house?
Emilio Largo is what ranked SPECTRE member?
Which Bond villain is a homosexual? (NOT henchmen)
Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd kill a dentist with what?
What is the name of Dr. Kananga's alter-ego?
Hugo Drax is playing what instrument when Bond first meets him?
What is the name of Karl Stromberg's underwater hideout?
Which Bond villain can NOT feel pain?
What is James Bond's father's first name?
What is Zao's 'expensive acne?'
SPECTRE orders this landmark to strike a certain amount of times after capturing NATO warheads...
What animal does Franz Sanchez keep as a pet?
006 appears as a Bond villain in which movie?
Kronsteen is excellent at playing this game/sport...
Which henchman does not eat, drink or make love?

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