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Can you find the 5 letter long words of 3 syllables?

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AEvidence that one was elsewhere
BBagel-like flatbread of Polish origin
CA small character part
DDaily record of events
ETropical tree with dense black wood
FThe princess in Shrek
GItalian city and eponymous cake
HDog-like mammal of Africa
IOff white colour, like in teeth
Jeg Roberts or Raoul
KAustralian marsupial
LItalian region with famous football team
MGreat excitement or enthusiasm
Neg Watts or Campbell
OClassical musical work
POutdoor space adjoining a house
QSynthetic silky nylon material
RSpanish wine region
SDark reddish brown
TLeg bone
UHangs from the soft palate
VRecording of moving images
WMario's antagonist
XGreek concept of hospitality
YPacific poison oak or poison ivy
ZFree swimming larvae of crustaceans

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