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Can you guess the Marvel Comics Alter-Egos?

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Forced Order
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Karla Sofen
Pepper Potts
Tandy Bowen
Danny Rand
Julio Richter
Wade Wilson
America Chavez
Jessica Jones
Reed Richards
Heather Douglas
Tommy Shepherd
Tony Stark
Rahne Sinclair
Walter Langkowski
Bobby Drake
Sue Storm
Tony Masters
Julie Power
Erik Josten
Piotr Rasputin
Warren Worthington III
Tyrone Johnson
Natalia Romanova
Sergei Kravinoff
Norrin Radd
Nathaniel Richards
Cindy Moon
Richard Rider
Nathaniel Essex
James Hudson
Angelica Jones
Eli Bradley
Amara Aquilla
Bill Foster
Flash Thompson
Teddy Altman
Bobbi Morse
Luke Cage
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Rick Jones
Ororo Munroe
Hank McCoy
Robbie Baldwin
William Baker
Brian Braddock
Alex Power
Charles Xavier
James Howlett
Stephen Strange
Betty Ross
Cain Marko
Jonathan Hart
Victor Shade
Donald Blake
David Alleyne
Jennifer Walters
Steve Rogers
Sam Guthrie
Jubilation Lee
James Buchanan Barnes
Doreen Green
Thaddeus Ross
Johnny Blaze
Jericho Drumm
Amadeus Cho
Greer Grant
Curt Connors
Norman Osborn
Daisy Johnson
Maxwell Dillon
Patsy Walker
Pietro Maximoff
Carol Danvers
Scott Summers
Maya Lopez
Otto Octavius
Neena Thurman
Victor Creed
Sam Wilson
Riri Williams
Remy LeBeau
Wilson Fisk
Miles Morales
Emma Frost
Matthew Murdock
Laura Kinney
Quentin Beck
Nathan Summers
Eric Brooks
Clint Barton
Wendell Vaughn
Raven Darkholme
Felicia Hardy
Clarice Ferguson
Robert Reynolds
Dane Whitman
Sharon Carter
Alex Summers
John Walker
Lorna Dane
Kurt Wagner
Max Eisenhardt
Gaveedra Seven
Cassie Lang
Billy Kaplan
Roderick Kingsley
Alison Blaire
Ben Grimm
James Rhodes
Jane Foster
Katie Power
Kamala Khan
Peter Parker
Theresa Cassidy
Vance Astrovik
Wanda Maximoff
Jessica Drew
Paige Guthrie
Arthur Douglas
Roberto Da Costa
Peter Quill
Cletus Kasady
Sean Cassidy
Hank Pym
Johnny Storm
Anna Marie
Elizabeth Braddock
Janet Van Dyne
Jean-Paul Beaubier
Jamie Madrox
Jean Grey
James Proudstar
Mac Gargan
Marc Spector
Kitty Pryde
Simon Williams
Melissa Gold
Frank Castle
Bruce Banner
Monica Rambeau
Illyana Rasputin
Eric Masterson

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