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smallest units of uniform length that can code for all amino acids
codons read in this direction
genetic code is ____ but not ____
synonymous codons means the genetic code is
This property of the genetic code allows for transgenics
flexible base pairing at third base of codon, allows tRNA to bind to multiple codons
nontemplate strand
template strand
translation occurs under the direction of
sites of translation
shape of tRNA
makes a correct match between tRNA and amino acid
activated tRNA has high energy ___ bond
deaminated adenine
holds tRNA that carries the growing polypeptide chain
holds tRNA that carries the next amino acid to be added to the chain
where discharged tRNAs leave ribosome
moves along mRNA until it reaches AUG
bring in large subunit that completes translation initiation complex
performs selection of initiating AUG
each addition of amino acid involves proteins called
Elongation involves which three steps
termination of translation occurs when stop codon in mRNA reaches
causes the addition of water molecule instead of amino acid
reaction that releases polypeptide from ribosome
polypeptide synthesis finishes in
free ribosomes make proteins that function in
bound ribosomes make proteins of the _____ and proteins that are ____
enable a cell to make many copies of a polypeptide quickly
Ribosome helps form a _____ bond between 2 amino acids
makes peptide bonds

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