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RNA synthesis is catalyzed by this, which pries strands apart and hooks together RNA nucleotides
DNA sequence where polymerase attaches
These mediate the binding of RNA polymerase and initiation of transcription
signal the initiation of RNA synthesis
completed assembly of transcription factors and RNA polymerase III bound to a promoter
untwists double helix as it moves along DNA
Eukaryotic promoter includes
What must bind to DNA before RNA Pol II?
polymerase binds to promoter sequence in duplex DNA
polymerase melts duplex DNA near transcription site, forming transcription bubble
catalyzes phosphodiester linkage of two initial rNTPs
5'-->3' strand
3'-->5' strand
mRNA made in which direction?
sequence signaling end of transcription in bacteria
signals stop in eukaryotes
Removes RNA polymerase in prokaryotes
post-transcriptional modification facilitates
post-transcriptional modification protects mRNA from
post-trnascriptional modification helps ribosome
1 mRNA creates 1 protein, eukaryotes
1 mRNA creates several related proteins, prokaryotes
Most mRNAs have how many reading frames?
Does different ORFs happen often in eukaryotes?

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