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Peptide bonds are formed in a _______ reaction
Which 6 atoms of a peptide bond are in a plane?
successive C alpha groups are on the same or opposite sides of the peptide bond joining them?
The peptide bond is usually found in which conformation?
The peptide bond has ____% double bond character
The planar nature of the peptide group is due to the
Is the peptide bond polar?
Which of the three sequential bonds in a polypeptide chain cannot rotate?
The angle about the Calpha-N bond is
The angle about the Calpha-C bond is
O and H clash when
some values of phi and psi are not allowed due to
secondary structure does not give regard to
three local structures stabilized by hydrogen bonds
residues per turn of alpha helix
pitch of alpha helix
phi of alpha helix
psi of alpha helix
in an alpha helix, the R groups point _____ the long axis of the helix
rise per residue of beta sheet antiparallel
rise per residue of beta sheet parallel
which two amino acids are prevalent in beta turns?
The third amino acid is glycine in
proteins that have polypeptide chains arranged in long strands or sheets
proteins with polypeptide chains folded into a spherical or globular shape
tough, insoluble, alpha helical fibrous protein found in hair, wool, nails
beta conformation fibrous protein with soft filaments found in silk
triple helix structure fibrous protein with high tensile strength found in tendons and bone matrix
alpha keratin is hardened by introduction of
the reduction and reoxidation of disulfide bonds
alpha keratin primary structure is _ repeated amino acids with _ and _ nonpolar
beta keratin alternating sequence is
beta keratin is stabilized by _____ between peptide linkages and _______ between sheets
the collagen helix is ____ handed
residues per turn of collagen triple helix
The sequence for the collagen helix is
X in the collagen helix sequence is always
Y in the collagen helix sequence is
Hydroxylated residues are made
the collagen triple helix is strengthened by intrachain _______ and interchain ______ crosslinks
Quaternary structure serves to bury
Stability, bringing catalytic sites together, and allosteric behavior are all advantages driving
protein denaturants can be
all of the information necessary for folding the peptide chain into its native structure is contained in the primary amino acid sequence
the hydrophobic side chains must be buried by folding in ___ proteins

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