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Three mechanisms of sex determination
unfertilized eggs that develop into uniparental haploid males and fertilized eggs that give biparental diploid females
sex is determined by multiple alleles at a single locus
In sl-CSD, develop as females
In sl-CSD, develop as males
mating between a male and female share the same allele
single switch gene that makes the choice between male and femlae in drosophila
The Y chromosome in flies is necessary for
sxl gene is on which chromosome?
High concentration of SisA, scute, runt, and unpaired
The sxl, tra and dsx are ______ in females
low concentration of SisA, scute, runt and unpaired
Males only have these genes activated
specific period of incubation in the middle third of develop when temperature controls sexual fate
enzyme responsible for the conversion of androgen into estrogens in TSP
True or false: changes in temperature before or after TSP can change the course of sex development
High aromatase activity during TSP creates
Low aromatase activity during TSP creates
Transcription factors necessary for bipotential gonad to take XY path
Transcription factors necessary for bipotential gonad to take XX path
Sertoli cells and Leydig cells relay on this transcription factor to secrete AMF and testosterone
_____ induces the Wolffian duct to form male internal genitalia
_____ induces the Mullerian duct to form female internal genitalia
_____ forms female and male external genitalia
Wnt4 activates _____, which initiates the ovary differentiation pathway
B-catenin actively blocks expression of _____
_______ activates disheveled protein and increases active B-catenin
B-catenin acts in a _______ feedback loop with Wnt4 and Rspo1
XX individuals with Rspo1 mutations are phenotypically ____
antagonizes function of Sry and Sox0 and downregulates SF1 expression
2 copies of DAX1 results in
necessary for bipotential gonad to form and may be activated by Sry
Sf1 works with Sox9 to upregulate ____ expression in Sertoli cells
activates expression of genes necessary for testosterone synthesis in Leydig cells
contains high mobility group (HMG box), only found in mammals
Sry turns on this gene
XX humans that have an extra copy of Sox0 develop as
necessary for Leydig cells to proliferate, promotes Sertoli cell differentiation and mesonephric cell migration to form testis cords
causes degeneration of Mullerian duct
necessary for development of urethra, prostate, penis, scrotum
enzyme necessary for conversion of testosterone into 5 alpha DHT
Necessary for ovary development
Necessary for formation of bipotential gonad

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