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DNA replication has occurred, chromatin stretched out thinly, each chromosome = 2 chromatids
Synapsis, requires formation of synaptonemal complex
Requires nuclear membrane, chromatin associates with 2 lateral bars and chromosomes join together at nuclear membrane
4 chromatids and synaptonemal complex
Chromatids thicken and shorten, crossing over may begin
Exchange of genetic material among chromatids, between homologous regions
Crossing over continues, synaptonemal complex breaks down and homologous chromosomes separate
Kinetochores move away from each other, last stage of meiotic prophase I, breakdown of nuclear membrane, migration of chromosomes to metaphase plate
Homologous chromosomes separated and move to opposite poles of cell
Half of gametes contain neither members of chromosome pair, other half contain both homologous chromosomes
one gamete has an extra chromosome, one will have an absence of the chromosome
production of sperm from primordial germ cells or spermatogonial stem cells
maturation of haploid spermatids
Once in the gonad, primordial germ cells divide to form ___________ or ____________
smaller than PGC, ovoid nuclei, found in seminiferous tubules
Nourish and protect developing sperm cells
Differentiate from epithelial cells lining sex cords
have n-cadherins and a carbohydrate receptor on their surface that binds to galactosyltransferase proteins on spermatogenic cells
develop from interstitial mesenchymal cells, secrete testosterone
Division that produces 2 more spermatogonial stem cells
Division that produces 2 Type A2 Spermatogonia --> spermatozoa
Cytoplasmic bridges between the cells allows for ______ and movement of molecules through the bridges leads to _____________
Three Options for A4 Spermatogonium
precursors of spermatocytes
Intermediate spermatogonia divide once by mitosis to form more
Low levels of GDNF cause
High levels of GDNF cause
GDNF expression is upregulated by
Prepares the sperm for feritlization
nucleosomes dissociate and the histones of a haploid nucleus are replaced with _____, which lead to a complete transcription block
each consist of a haploid nucleus and acrosomal vesicle with a propulsion system
Enzymes in the acrosomal vesicle are used to
Oocytes are halted at _______ right before birth, and remain in this state until sexual maturity
Primary function of the ovarian phase in mammals is
An oocyte is finally formed at this stage of meiosis
Maturation and ovulation of the oocyte
Provide appropriate environment for developing embryo
These cycles are integrated by the hormones of the
Meiosis produces ___ gamete(s) in female oogenesis
Differentiation of gamete occurs during
In male spermatogenesis, ____ gametes are produced
Sex chromosomes are excluded from recombination and transcription in
A lack of motile sperm indicates a defect in
Apoptosis of spermatogonial stem cells will result in the cease of
oocytes in ovaries with no large antral or preovulatory follicles are arrested at
Oogenesis usually results in the formation of
During the process of oogenesis how many oocytes are produced?
Meiosis takes place in the _____ in the male
Type A1 spermatogonia divide by mitosis to form ________ or _________
one pair of a duplicted chromosome joined by a centromere
Results in 47 XYY
A patient with round nonmotile sperm with haploid DNA content is most likely infertile due to
Sperm that is aspirted by a needle from the epididymis is/is not able to fertilize an egg?

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