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rearrangement of gene segments in lymphocytes during fetal development
A single V gene is linked to a selected J gene via recombination, with release of a circular segment of intervening DNA
produces light chains
produces heavy chains
The first step in B cell developmenti s assembly with
The second step in B cell development is expression of ___ and ___ turned off
The third step in B cell development is
B cells switch from making membrane-bound to secreted soluble IgM by regulating
Immature B cells produced in bone marrow express a cell surface localized monomeric form of
Oligomerization of B cell receptor triggers signal via
Oligomerization of receptors signals ____ to phosphorylate Tyr in ITAM
Phosphorylation of ITAM recruits
The signal cascade of oligomerization of the B cell receptor results in differentiation to
immunoglobulin class switching occurs by
after a class switch, an Ig molecule retains its
monoclonal antibodies can be produced by
a mixture of individual monoclonal antibodies, each produced by a specific B cell
blocks de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides
macrophages and dendritic cells display _______
TLR (toll-like receptors) detect
3 pathways that can activate the complement system
complement system activates cascade of proteolytic events to produce
produced by virus-infected cells, activates NK cells
NK secretes
pore-forming proteins NK uses to kill virus-infected or cancer cells
serine proteases NK uses to kill virus-infected and cancer cells
Antigen activated T cells can become
processed antigen peptide is displayed on target cell surface by
transmembrane glycoprotein in noncovalent association with B2-microglobulin
two non-identical transmembrane glycoproteins associated
expressed on most cells constitutively
expressed on professional antigen presenting cells
on macrophages and dendritic cells, allow binding of Fc regions of antibodies that are bound to antigens on pathogen surface
inactivated pathogens administered to serve as antigen to provoke immune responses
activation of B-lymphocytes to produce pathogen-specific antibodies that can bind to surface antigen to prevent pathogen uptake or colonization
development or activation of T-lymphocytes that recognized foreign antigens diplayed on infected cells; kill infected cells to limit replication
advantage is that all of the antigens are presented, and potential to produce multivalent immune responses
benefits are prolonged antigen exposure, mutations
contain only one or a few proteins or carbohydrates from the pathogen
antigen gene fused to promoter and 3' element that will be active in host target tissue, recombinant subunit vaccine
recombinant subunit vaccine, antigen gene spliced into viral genome
light and heavy chains are held together by
the antigen binding site on an antibody is called
5 heavy chain types
First heavy chain to be expressed during B cell development
Most common antibody in mature B cells
2 types of light chains
How many immunoglobulin domains in heavy chain?
How many immunoglobulin domains in light chain?
How many amino acids per turn in an alpha helix?

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