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Most of their genomes comprise protein coding genes
Monomers assembled one by one in a sequence prescribed by an existing polymer
Chargaff's rule is the result of ____ ______ of most genomes
Living cells do not require energy to
The constituents of membranes most important in facilitation of movement of hydrophilic compounds are
Increased saturation of fatty acids will _____ fluidity of the membrane
tendency of nonpolar molecules to associate with each other in aqueous solution to minimize direct interactions with water
The pyrimidine bases in DNA are
A phosphodiester bond links together ___ ____ in DNA or RNA
Guanosine monophosphate is a component of
The geometry of organic bases is
Three factors that determine melting temperature of linear DNA in solution
A measure of the energy required to disrupt the H-bonding between base pairs that maintains double stranded structure of DNA
measurement of 260nm UV light absorption by a DNA/RNA solution can be used to calculate the ______
The ability of DNA to denature is important for which process?
Primers are not required for
An enzyme that breaks DNA, dispels the tension, and reseals the strand ahead of a DNA replication growing fork is
The alpha P atom is incorporated into the
DNA is more stable than RNA because it lacks a _ ___ ____
Because the 2 DNA strands are _______, some DNA synthesis is discontinuous and requires Okazaki fragments
What enzyme catalyzes unwinding of the DNA helix during replication?
What feature of DNA polymerase allows proofreading to correct mismatched nucleotides?
An enzyme that catalyzes formation of phosphoester bond and joins Okazaki fragments
DNA repair process that corrects mutations that occur during replication
Hybridization of one strand of double-stranded DNA molecule to a complementary strand of a different double-stranded DNA molecule is mediated by
An enzyme that makes a DNA copy of an RNA template
A mutation that counteracts the effects of a mutation in another gene
Can be used to determine whether two different recessive mutations are in the same or different genes
Segment of a plasmid that allows the host cell to synthesize new copies of the DNA
Can be used for direct isolation of a specific segment of genomic DNA
restriction endonuclease recognition sequences are usually also recognized by
Two enzymes used to construct a genomic DNA library
Can produce more than one mRNA
Two ways different mRNAs can be produced from the same transcription unit
The probable molecular mechanism for generation of homologous genes is
Mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own genetic systems which include
DNA that is transcriptionally active is _____ susceptible to DNase I digestion
Acetylation of lysine residues in histone tails of chromatin causes ______ transcription
Most DNA elements contributed to evolution by generating ___ ____
Transposase has these 2 catalytic activities
Enzymes encoded by LTR retrotransposons
uses fluorescent-labeled DNA probes to visualize specific sequences on metaphase chromosomes
Promotes recombination, which allows adaptation and evolution
Replication and transcription are driven forward by hydrolysis of
requires an RNA primer in vivo and an RNA or DNA primer in vitro
Which is faster, transcription or replication?
uses dATP, dCTP, d GTP, and dUTP as precursors
uses ATP, CTP, GTP, and UTP as precursors
Base similar to uracil except for presence of a methyl group
Gene expression in E. coli is controlled mainly at which stage?
E. coli promoters are examples of ____ elements
Most E. coli promoters interact with
If sigma factor doesn't dissociate from RNA, transcription will be
The subunit composition of the bacterial RNA polymerase holoenzyme
Transcription termination in E. coli either requires ______ to pull mRNA off DNA or a ______ _____ structure
An operon is a cluster of contiguous genes transcribed from a single promoter giving rise to a ___________ mRNA containing coding sequences for multiple proteins
Lac operon codes for these proteins
I- is a _ mutation
Z- is a _ mutation
I-d is a _ mutation
Oc is a _ mutation
Is is a _ mutation
involves systematically replacing short stretches of DNA with equal length scrambled-sequence exogenous DNA fragment (linker) every few base pairs in a promoter region
The element closest to the transcription start site is likely to consist of _____
Three things needed for DNA footprinting
The eukaryotic mRNA cap is comprised of
consists of more than 50 repeats of YSPTSPS
spliceosomes are primarily composed of
The CTD is a distinguishing feature of
A modified nucleotide in whci hthe base is a deaminated product of adenine occurs in tRNA moelcules, commonly found in the _____
The three stop codons are
Cellular protein synthesis proceeds in which direction on the polypeptide chain
microRNAs play a key role in
Some amino acids are encoded by more than one codon, this is because the genetic code is _____
The site in the ribosome that functions to bind the amino-acyl tRNA that is covalently linked to the growing polypeptide chain is
This degrades selected proteins that are specifically tagged
Protein involved in translation
Modification that usually marks a protein for degradation
Co-translational translocation of secretory proteins into the ER is powered by
Directs the translating ribosome to the ER membrane via interaction with the signal recognition particle
GPI anchored membrane proteins are membrane associated by a covalently attached
Asn-glycosylation of proteins in the ER lumen occurs when how many sugars are added to the nascent chain at once?
COPI coat proteins mediate what type of transport between the Golgi and other organelles?
During protein import into the nucleus, the alpha importin subunit binds directly to _____ nuclear localization signals
In hepatocytes, a basolateral targeted protein such as Na+/K+ ATPase is sorted from apical targeted protein in
Protein sequences for targeting to mitochondria or chloroplasts are located at the _____ of the precursor protein
Soluble and membrane proteins advance through the Golgi by
Acidification of endosomes is important in dissociating ____ from ____
Sorting of proteins to mitochondria and chloroplasts is
Cells deficient in mannose-6-phosphate oversecrete
LDL receptor is a receptor for
The class of coat proteins associated with ER vesicle budding is
The first step within the secretory pathway that should be inhibited by a nonfunction mutant in NSF is
The topology of membrane proteins can often be predicted by identifying amino acid segments that are
Protein complexes involved in translocation into mitochondria and chloroplasts
Type I membrane proteins have a cleavable
Integral membrane proteins are classified as Type I or II based on orientation of the
Energy for protein transport into stroma comes from ATP hydrolysis by
Importation of proteins from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix depends on N-terminal sequence binding to an
Clathrin-coated vesicles are destined to be delivered to
Made up of a sandwich of two antiparallel beta sheets

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