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True or false: Lipid bilayer formation decreases entropy
The major alteration to DNA caused by UV light is __ ___ formation
Thymine dimer formation is an example of
Which enzyme initiates DNA replication and the beginning of S-phase?
Enzyme that recognizes short DNA sequence and cleaves both strands in/near the recognition sequence
Dideoxy chain-termination sequencing reactions contain ddNTPs and dNTPs, with ____ in high excess
PCR involves simultaneous elongation of 2 ____ ____ bound at opposing positions on complementary DNA strands
A component of telomere terminal transferase (telomerase)
Failure to express GFP can be the result of lack of ____ or ____
adenosine monophosphate is a component of
A gene represented only once in the haploid genome is considered
Telomeres are not required in bacterial chromosomes because they are
DNA transposons move to new sites in the genome by a process that includes transcription to make mRNA that encodes
transposed DNA that does not contain the intron
transposed DNA that does contain the intron
Contains a core of 8 histone subunits and is 10 nm in diameter
simple-sequence repetetive DNA in eukaryotes with high G content and specific proteins bound at ends
Transcriptionally active genes are more likely to be associated with chromatin that has which modification?
The message encoded in one gene is broadcasted many times
The relative diversity of RNA species inside cells
The conversion of pyrophosphate to ___ ___ drives RNA synthesis
Genes whose expression depends on disengaging a repressor are said to be
a sequence in the promoter region that marks the transcription start sites
functions to unwind the DNA duplex in the transcription initiation complex
Transduces regulatory signals between activation and repression domains of transcription factors bound to distal DNA elements and RNA Polymerase II by binding directly to both
The three eukaryotic RNA polymerases differ in their sensitivities to
a DNA element that stimulates transcription of eukaryotic promoters
The first factor to bind at the promoter of eukaryotic genes
Samples are electrophoresed under non-denaturing conditions in
not involved in alternative splicing in eukaryotes
removal of introns from nuclear mRNA primary transcripts requires
Splicing requires formation of a ____ structure and two ______ reactions
A branched/lariat structure is formed during splicing of
The 5' terminal cap structure of eukaryotic mRNA is a _-______ joined to the mRNA via a __-__ _______ linkage
Synthesis of the polyA tail does not require a
Protein expected to footprint in the control region of the lac operon
smallest amino acid, with only a H atom as its R group
used to reduce disulfide bonds between protein chains and within a chain in reducing SDS-PAGE
uses two different antibodies to detect the desired protein on a membrane after SDS-PAGE gel
Degradation of proteins in 26S Proteasome requires tagging of target proteins by liation of multiple subunits of
mRNA found in eukaryotic polyribosomes is usually circularized via direct binding interactions between __ ___ and ___ ____
Enzyme that creates a high-energy ester bond between a charged tRNA and the amino acid it carries
Site in the ribosomes that holds the aminoacyl tRNA that provides the next residue in the growing polypeptide chain
The initiation complex is positioned via base pairing between ___ and ___
Translocation of most secretory proteins across the ER membrane involves translocon channels, powered by
What is the information that determines whether a protein is returned to the ER?
Integral membrane proteins are classified as Type I or II based on orientation of the
Importation of proteins from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix depends on binding of the N-terminal targeting sequence to
Energy for the transport of proteins into the chloroplast stroma comes from ATP hydrolysis by the stromal
functions to direct the translating ribosome to the ER membrane via interaction with the signal recognition particle
catalyzes removal of the glycan chain from the glycoprotein
Clathrin-coated vesicles are destined to be delivered to which endomembrane compartment?
proteins that mediate fusion of transport vesicles with their target membranes
Pathway that involves receptor-mediated uptake of low-density lipoprotein, lysosomal enzymes, viruses, and iron/transferrin
peptide sequences of immunoglobulins located in loops that connect beta sheet strands of the amino terminal domains of both the heavy and light chains

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