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in many species sperm attraction is accomplished through
protein isolated from egg jelly of A. punctulata, creates gradient around egg
Sperm initiate turning through
Sperm re-orient ______ the gradient and are guided to the egg
activates serm, causes increase in mitochondrial respiration and sperm motility
causes increase in intracellular cGMP and induces opening of Ca channel
increased intracellular Ca levels initiate
site of fertilization, may slow sperm
sperm motility is important after reaching _______
physiological changes in sperm that allows it to become competent to feritlize an egg
uncapacitated sperm bind to membranes of ________ cells
sperm membrane is altered by loss of
membrane potential of sperm becomes more ______ and opens calcium channel which
High level of __________ in capacitation
The acrosome reaction involves
acrosomal protein found on acrosomal process,
____ causes fusion of the acrosomal membrane with sperm cell membrane, which leads to ________ of the acrosomal vesicle
follows fusion of the acrosomal and sperm membranes
requires polymerization of globular actin into actin filaments
Ca++ activates ____, a GTP binding protein involved in actin polymerization
glycoprotein matrix secreted by oocyte, binds sperm
binding of sperm occurs with
initiates acrosome reaction after binding
important for fusion of sperm and egg in mammals
change in egg membrane potential that makes ionic concentration of egg different from surroundings,
cortical granule reaction creates fertilization envelope
activation of all eggs requires an increase in
allow DNA synthesis to occur in each pronucleus
allows meiosis to finish in female pronucleus
chromosomes condense on common spindle
all mitochondria are derived from the
first truly diploid nucleus occurs at the _ cell stage
the function of intracellular calcium release is to
acrosome reaction releases enzymes necessary for

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