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Can you name the Endocrine Control of Reproduction and Assisted Reproduction?

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causes follicular development
causes secretion of estradiol
secretion of progesterone and estradiol from the corpus luteum
endometrial shielding following decline of hormone secretion with demise of the corpus luteum
inhibits LH and GnRH secretion but not FSH
provides negative feeback on FSH
stimulates release of FSH and LH
GnRH induces ovaries and testes to relesae hormones that lead to normal sexual development in puberty
genetic form of HH + 1 nongonadal congenital abnormality
Patients with idiopathic HH have mutations in
no sperm
low sperm count
below 50% motility of sperm
high incidence of abnormal sperm morphology
3 things that reuslt in poor sperm production
True or false: both low and high FSH can cause sperm dysfunction
anabolic steroids are designed to be less susceptible to
suppress GnRH release, cause testicular atrophy, azoospermia, potential behavioral effects
undescended testes
most common congenital abnormality causing primary hypogonadism in men, 47 XXY
complete, or almost complete absence of germ cells in all seminiferous tubules
caused by androgen receptor defects, genetic males but phenotypic females
includes polycystic ovarian syndrome, endocrine imbalance, low ovarian reserve
causes include non patent tubes, endometriosis, STDs, sterilization surgery, surgical adhesions, PID
the absence of menstruation and the early depletion of ovarian follicles before 40
excess hair growth, elevated cortisol, infertility due to decreased levels of FSH and LH
3 related events to luteal phase defect
caused by excessive androgens in vitro
injected to trigger egg maturation in large follicles in ovarian hyperstimulation
when man has nonmotile sperm, use this assisted reproduction method
In ZIFT, early embryos are implanted in the
The embryo must develop in order to implant using
requires older embryo, blastocyst ready to implant
suggests premature ovarian failure
Best method of IVF for woman with no Fallopian tubes
Progesterone and estrogen work as birth control by
A woman with luteal phase defects is most likely to pursue
A women with high levels of anti-sperm antibodies will pursue

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