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The brain and spinal cord/dorsal CNS are segmented
The brain and CNS derive from
The neural plate runs from _____ to ______
Three parts of neural tube formation
The folding and fusion of the dorsal edges form a
Tube is _____, plate is _____
in neural tube formation, the ____ fuses first
conditions that encompasses all defects in the closure of the neural tube and its coverings
results from severe, early failure of neural tube closure
less severe, skin covering over neural tube closure defect, 'brain tumor'
failure of neural tube closure in the spinal column
failure of neural tube closure with skin covering area, hairy patch
______ decreases occurrence and recurrence of neural tube defects
expressed in neural folds as neural tube closure occurs
forms cerebellum, pons, medulla
forms olfactory lobes, hippocampus, cerebrum, optic vesicle, epithalamus, thalamus, hypothalamus
segments of hindbrain
rhombomeric patterning affects the
rhombomeres are patterned by which genes?
the organization of Hox genes within genome matches the order in which these genes are expressed in the embryo
homeotic mutations leading to transformation of segment identity
Hox genes form the _____ identity of the rostral-caudal
Specify the midbrain-forebrain boundary
Separates forebrain-midbrain boundary
Plays a key role in dorsal-ventral specification of neural tube
secreted from roof plate ectoderm for dorsal-ventral specification of neural tube
Regulates several genes for dorsal-ventral specification of neural tube
specifies ventral identity
specifies dorsal identity
Neural tube lumen develops into the
Cerebrospinal fluid is made from the
an expansion of the central canal and neural tube
thinning of skull bones, prominence of forehead, atrophy of cerebral cortex, blockage of ventricular system
neural tube is derived from which germ layer
folate is required in the ______ for normal development
what becomes the anterior visceral endoderm?

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