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the process involving movement of the blastomeres of the embryo relative to one another to produce the 3 germ layers of the embryo
forms the embryo
forms extraembryonic tissues
tissues derived from _____ are essential
primitive streak forms at this end of embryo
mesoderm is ______ formed through ________
epithelial cells transition to _____ as cells migrate through primitive streak
the primitive streak ______ over time
True or false: mammals reach blastocyst stage after implantation
Implantation determines which axis?
Key genes in blastocyst stage embryo
Oct4 promotes _______
Nanog promotes ______
Distal-ventral ectoderm migrates to become
AVE migrates to _______
AVE determines which axis?
forms left-right axis
results in asymmetric expression of left-right genes
mammals use nodal flow to compensate for
True or false: right before gastrulation, mammals have no primitive streak
mesoderm and definitive endoderm are formed from
forms from islands of cells ventral to epiblast
forms from remaining epiblast that doesn't migrate through primitive streak
True or false: primitive streak is only a dorsal feature
The epiblast is ______ to the hypoblast
The node is located at the _____ of the embryo

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