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Chargaff's Rules
semiconservative model
How semiconservative model was proven
Two DNA strands separated, opening replication bubble
Y shaped region where new DNA strands are elongating
enzyme that unwinds double helix at replication fork
binds to and stabilizes single-stranded DNA until it can be used as a template
corrects overwinding ahead of replication forks by breaking, swiveling, and rejoining DNA strands
initial nucleotide strand
can start an RNA chain from scratch and adds RNA nucleotides one at a time using the parental DNA as a template
catalyzes elongation of new DNA at a replication fork
Each nucleotide added to a growing DNA strand is
Supplies adenine to DNA and is similar to ATP of energy metabolism
Most DNA polymerases require
DNA polymerases can only add to which end
strand synthesized continuously toward replication fork 5'-->3'
strand synthesized in series of Okazaki fragments sealed by ligase
Can have multiple oriCs
Using parental DNA as a template, synthesizes new DNA strand by covalently adding nucleotides to 3' end of pre-existing DNA strand or RNA primer
Removes RNA nucleotides of primer from 5' end and replaces them with DNA nucleotides
T antigen in eukaryotes
RNA DNA primer in eukaryotes
single strand binding protein in eukaryotes
similar to DNA pol III protein complex --> elongates the DNA in the 5'-->3' direction
joins the two Okazaki fragments
reduces torsional strain
Proofread newly made DNA 3'-->5'
enzymes repair TG mismatches and damaged bases, removing and replacing them, must take place before replication
enzymes correct errors in base pairing leading to insertions or deletions, occurs only after DNA replication
nuclease cuts out and replaces damaged stretches of DNA, repairs chemically modified bases
rejoining nonhomologous ends of 2 DNA, not efficient
involves exchange of strands between separate DNA molecules
Okazaki fragment structure
DNA Pol I, endonuclease, DNA ligase
involved in mRNA transcription for globin
makes mRNA
makes rRNA
makes tRNA

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