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progenitors of germ cells
in ____ cells the chromosomes degrade
chromosomal fragmentation followed by elimination of part of the chromosome during mitosis
involved in transcription and translation inhibition, forces cells to become germ cells
germ plasm in C. elegans contains
blocks phosphorylation of RNA Pol II, prevents transcriptional activation in germline
functions of Drosophila PGCs
pole plasm components
encodes a nuclear envelope protein, blocks gene transcription, cirtical for specifying pole cells
is translated in pole plasm, blocks RNA Pol II phosphorylation, blocks transcription
acts as a receptor for Sdf1 secreted by developing gonad
PGCs follow a gradient of _____ toward the gonad
Primordial germ cells are specified through inductive interactions during
germ cells in mammals are induced by _______, which form at the extraembryonic ectoderm, epiblast, primitive streak, and allantois
Mammalian PGC is induced by __________ secreted by extraembryonic ectoderm cells
PGCs arise from cells that migrate out of posterior _________
Mammlian PGCs express _______ and _______ in response to BMPs
Bipotential gonad arises as thickenings of intermediate ________ known as the _______
cells of the genital ridge proliferate and invade the surrounding ________ to form _______
Testis cords extend toward the ________
Epigenital testis cords become
Testis cords become
PGCs induce epithelial cells in testis to become
Sertoli cells secrete ___, which induces regression of the Mullerian duct
Mesenchyme cells in testis cords become ________ and secrete _______
_________ induces Wolffian duct to differentiate into these 3 things
________ induces urogenital swellings to develop into these 2 things
To form the ______, sex cords degenerate and cortical cords envelope nests of PGCs
These degenerate in female development
Mesenchymal cells will become ______, which are the source of ______
oocyte clusters will be invaded by cells of the cortical cords and become ______, which are similar to ________
Development of duct system is dependent on
Long portion of Mullerian duct forms
Lower portion of Mullerian duct forms
Derived from urogenital sinus
Mesonephric duct becomes these two things in males
____ genes pattern the reproductive tracts
sex cords differentiate into
To track the migratory path of primordial germ cells, do in situ hybridization for ____ and _____
Necessary for prostate development

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