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complex network of proteins and polysaccharide chains that cells secrete and deposit around themselves as an insoluble material
thin mat of ECM
ECM is rich in this protein
bears most mechanical stress
functions of basal lamina
ECM and basal lamina contain these 2 components
large flexible protein of basal lamina held together by disulfide bonds, can self-asemble into network
primary cell type of ECM is
fibroblasts secrete
small protein part, mostly carbohydrates, provide gel-like matrix
proteoglycans are _____ and trap water
proteoglycans help resist
main carbohydrate components of proteoglycans
GAGs are
GAG that can occur as free molecule, lubricates joints and space filler
low amounts of carbohydrates
fibrous proteins in connective tissue matrix includes these 3
most common collagen of connective tissue
collagen fibrils resist ___ forces
inherited collagen defect
provides elasticity, required in lungs and arteries
attaches TGF-b to microfibrils
defect of fibrillin leads to
most common adhesive glycoprotein in ECM, occurs widely in supporting tissues and body fluids
fibronectins and laminins promote cell ___ and ___
fibronectins and laminins bind to plasma membrane via receptor proteins called
migratory cells attach to the ECM via
integrins also play role in

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