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crawling cells are polarized with this direction being that of migration
crawling cells require microtubules only for
3 stages of crawling
protrusion is associated with
attachment is associated with
traction is associated with
required in filopodia protrusion
protrusion involves this protein, links actin to plasma membrane
ultimately pushes cytoplasm forward in protrusion
protein necessary for attachment, adhere to ECM molecules adn actin filaments
integrins create these anchorages for actin filaments in crawling cell
motive force is generated by action of
clusters of proteins that when assembled at the plasma membrane form a connection between intracellular actin bundles and ECM
each focal adhesion is associated with one
formation of local adhesions is promoted by ECM proteins and internal signaling via
myosin I is localized to
myosin II is located in the
regulates lamellipodia and filopodia formation
key regulators of actin organization signaling pathways
Two families of Ras GTPases
involved in regulating traffic of intracellular trnasport vesicles
relay signal to other proteins in signal cascade and reorganize actin cytoskeleton
Three types of Rho GTPases
activation of ___ promotes bundling of actin with myosin II into stress fibers and integrin clustering to form focal contacts
activation of ___ promotes actin polymerization and lamellipodial extensions
activation of ___ promoters actin polymerization and bundling to form either filopodia
Rho activation creates
Ras activation creates
Cdc42 activation creates
integrate incoming signals with actin cytoskeleton dynamics by interacting with both signaling proteins and actin
required for actin polymeration at plasma membrane
FH1 formin carboxy region interacts with
FH2 formin carboxy region interacts with
formins have a binding site for
movements driven by actin polymerization
catalyzes exchange of actin bound ADP and ATP and promotes transfer of actin subunits to plus end of actin
can readily add onto plus ends of F-actin
profilin binds to ___ to inhibit actin binding

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