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prokaryotic cytoskeletal proteins are found in
all subunits of the cytoskeleton are held together by ___ bonds
regulate filament polymerization, control motility of cell and cytoplasmic components
provide tensile strength, not polar, no motor proteins
three regions of individual polypeptides
conserved region of polypeptides
two examples of intermediate filaments
function of keratins is ____ cellular and tissue support
mutation in keratin gene that causes non-scarring blisters disease
mechanical support to nuclear envelope, organizes chromatin, nuclear membrane assembly, nuclear lamina
microtubules are nucleated from and anchored at
microtubules are
The + end of microtubules lies in the
The end of microtubules anchored in the MTOC
variations of MTOCs
composed of dense matrix, nucleates interphase and spindle microtubules
complexes nucleation microtubules from the pericentriolar material
balanced stochastic cycling between assembly and disassembly
GTP hydrolysis occurs only on this subunit of microtubules
the growing microtubule involves a
promotes microtubule stability, regulates polymerization, organization
MAP prominent in neurons
drug that stabilizes microtubules, causing apoptosis
Two types of microtubule motors
major function is to move vesicles, organelles, cytosolic components
all motors hydrolyze

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