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two target proteins for G-protein subunits that are membrane bound enzymes
second messenger catalyzed by adenylyl cyclase
cAMP exerts cellular responses mainly by activating
cAMP is inactivated by hydrolysis to AMP, reaction catalyzed by
minor component of plasma membrane cytosolic surface
phospholipase C can hydrolyze
PIP2 can be hydrolyzed into these 2 molecules
DAG activates
IP3 induces the ER to release
calcium binds to and activates these two things
phohspholipase C activates this pathway
Calmodulin is activated when all __ of its binding sites are bound
Binding of a signal molecule to enzyme-linked receptor causes
mediate rapid reconfiguration of cytoskeleton and control cell movement
largest class of enzyme-linked receptors, phosphorylate specific tyrosines
The ____ side of RTK forms tyrosine kinase
Ligand binding eventually forms
IP3/DAG pathway and Ras pathway can be activated by the _____ of tyrosine residues
ultimately activates expression of genes involved in growth and development, activates MAP kinases
small monomeric GTP binding protein which hydrolyzes GTP
Ras is what kind of gene?

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