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signal molecules that can't diffuse across plasma membrane
signal molecules that can diffuse across plasma membrane
bind to cell-surface protein receptors with signaling initiating at the membrane
bind to either intracellular protein receptors that regulate gene expression or activate directly intracellular enzymes, signaling initiated inside cell
messengers form ___ bonds with receptors
ligand + receptor -->
propagation, amplification, distribution, and modification are functions of
signals that alter gene transcription result in ___ changes in cell behavior
The most simple cell surface receptors are
ion-channel-coupled receptors are responsible for transmission of rapid synapses in
How are ion-channel-coupled receptors gated?
Nicotine and curare mimic natural ligand
activate G-proteins, which then migrate along cytosolic plane on cell membrane initiating further effects
these receptors act as enzymes or are associated with enzymes
Enzyme-linked receptors _____ upon activation
Most key intracellular signaling molecules are proteins which act as
Molecular switches are regulated by these two things
Three amino acid residues that can be phosphorylated by kinases
GTP binding proteins are in their active conformation with
The subunits of a G-protein-linked receptor are
Large heterotrimeric G proteins have subunits
Small monomeric G proteins are called
Subunit of large heterotrimeric G protein which binds signal molecule
released by bacteria and serves as chemoattractant
activates guanylyl cyclase in smooth muscle cells producing cyclic GMP

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