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LetterCountrycontinent and description
AOceana, Down Under
BEurope, EU HQ
CNorth America, 2nd biggest country (area)
DEurope, Scandinavia
EAfrica, Tutankhamun
FEurope, eiffel tower, louvre, notre dame
GEurope, Berlin wall, Brandenburg gate
HNorth America (Central America), poorest country
IAsia, Mahatma Gandhi
JAsia, sushi
KAfrica, on equator
LEurope, smallest german speaking country
LetterCountrycontinent and description
MAsia, least densely populated counrty
NAfrica, first five letters is a bordering counry
OAsia, only 'O' country
PSouth America, Paddington bear came from here
QAsia, Only 'Q' country
RAsia, biggest country (area)
SEurope, Oranges grow here
TEurope, also a bird
UEurope, GMT centre
VEurope, Smallest country (area and population)
YAsia (middle east), only 'Y' country
ZAfrica, 'BBC are not allowed there' top gear

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