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These people rushed to California to get rich quick.
A famous frontiersman who fought Santa Anna at the Alamo
Mexicans who lived in Texas
This man created the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
These people took it upon themselves to punish criminals, even though they had no legal power
Under this person's leadership, Texas' population grew to almost 20,000
The Texan army was led by this man
A place that fur traders met to make trades
The first PERMANENT settlers in Oregon were
At first, Mexico encouraged US settlers because they wanted them to
What helped stop lawlessness in California?
Where was the starting point of the Oregon Trail?
Few gold rush participants struck it rich but most
This small strip of land completed the expansion of the US
The idea that Americans were destined to conquer the West
Texas was called this after their independence from Mexico
This means to join or add on
California was called this after their independence from Mexico
A religious group that was persecuted for their beliefs

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