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What is Mark's middle name???
Where did Mark live before he moved back to America(any of the answers fit)???
In real Got7, who was Youngjae's manito???
Which BTS member did Mark he kept in contact with on celebrity bromance???
Who had blonde hair in A era???
What is Bambam's full name???
What era did Jackson say Mark's hair was like a bird nest???
Whose name is Ars???
Whose last name is Im???
What is Jackson's favorite nickname (Hint: chosen by fans)???
Whose last name is Choi???
Who doesn't have any siblings???
What language is Bambam fluent in apart from Korean???
What is the name of the agency they are under???
Whose last name is Kim???
Where is Junior from???
Who is Yugyeom's role model (Hint:dance)???
What era did Yugyeom have pink hair???
Who is known as the savage in the group???πŸ˜‚
In If You Do mv, which member seemed the least angry???
Whose last name is Wang???
How many Korean members does the group have???
What show did Bambam's mom get his name from???
What is Junior's full name???
What nickname was given to Yugyeom by Jackson??? (Hint: think back to ASC Markson show)
What is the name Bambam gave to the foreign members (on real got7)???
Which JYP group did Got7 say they were closet to???
What show did 2 members do together (Hint:they come in episodes)???
How many foreign members does the group have???
What year did GOT7 debut???

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