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Can you name these facts about Anne Boleyn, second queen of Henry VIII?

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What title did Henry VIII give Anne before he married her?
Anne's sister, Mary, was the mistress of which French king?
Anne only had one child, but who was she?
Where was Anne buried?
Anne's cousin became a later queen. She was called ...
Anne was a niece of which English nobleman?
Anne Boleyn had a sister called ...
When Anne Boleyn was arrested, she was charged with treason, adultery and what?
Anne Boleyn's stepdaughter was ...
It is said that Anne Boleyn played a role in the downfall of which churchman?
What date was Anne Boleyn executed?
One of Anne's ladies-in-waiting replaced her as queen. Who?
How many men were executed for having sexual relations with Anne?
Anne's brother, George, married whom (maiden name)?
One of the men Anne supposedly had an affair with was her musician called ...
Anne was supposedly entangled with a poet whose name was ...
It was said that Anne Boleyn tried to kill Katherine of Aragon, but how?
Anne replaced which woman as Queen of England?
Where did Anne and her siblings grow up?
Anne's father held the title Earl of Wiltshire and ...
Anne's date of birth is sorely contested, but there are two dates that stand out - 1507 and ?
Anne was said to have played a role in the executions of Thomas More and which Cardinal?
What date was Anne Boleyn's coronation?
Anne was sent to a foreign court when she was growing up, but whose court?
Where was Anne crowned as Queen?

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