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Who accidentally uses the name McSteamy in relation to McDreamy?
What sport did Izzie's first boyfriend play?
Who says 'Well, at least we know brain surgery isn't his only skill'?
Who is Bailey talking about 'I think you’re cocky. Arrogant. Bossy and pushy. You also have a God complex and don’t think of anybody but your damn self'?
What is Karev's middle name?
How old was Cristina when her dad died?
Who is Die?
Where was Lexie planning on taking her internship?
Which of Derek's sisters has Mark definitely slept with?
How many neices and nephews does Derek have?
Who is compared with a character from Game of Thrones?
What was Owen's fiance called before Cristina?
Who did Teddy find Mark in bed with when they were dating?
How old is Adele when she gets pregnant?
What is Bailey's son called?
What follows this line? 'How's my favourite dirty mistress?'
Why is Archer rushed to the hospital?
Where was Jackson going to do his fellowship?
Which state was Cristina raised in?
What does Arizona promise her dad when she comes out?

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