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An old Tarkaan betrothed to Aravis (HHB)
'Lady of Peace', a movie star (PC)
Cousin of Aravis (HHB)
Flees Calormen when betrothed, escapes and becomes Queen of Archenland (HHB)
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia (VDT)
Fisherman in Calormen, rescues Shasta (HHB)
High King over all high kings and Creator and Lord of Narnia
Named for Roman god of wine (PC)
First Narnian to meet all four Pevensie children (LWW)
Married to above (LWW)
One of the Seven Great Lords and late Duke of Lone Islands (VDT)
Escaped captivity from Calormen and carries Shasta in his travels (HHB)
Crowned King of Narnia (PC)
Stag who warns of Calormene invasion (HHB)
Calormene, surrenders to Edmund (HHB)
Centaur, famous healer (SC)
Shasta's real name (HHB)
His twin (HHB)
Former star, set as punishment to tend the Duffers (VDT)
Half-dwarf, half-human tutor (PC)
Horse of Prince Caspian (PC)
Captain of the Dawn Treader (VDT)
Eagle that brings news to Tirian (LB)
Father of all winged horses (MN)
First King of Narnia, formerly a London cabby (MN)
Cat in league with Shift (LB)
Centaur, prophet, and stargazer (PC)
Owl, carries two children to the Parliament of Owls (SC)
Counselor to Miraz, killed in battle (PC)
Deposed Governor of the Lone Islands
First Queen of Narnia, formerly the wife of a London cabby (MN)
Talking mare from Narnia, carries Aravis in her travels (HHB)
Another name for the White Witch (MN)
Unicorn, best friend of King Tirian (LB)
Diggory's 'mad' uncle (MN)
Diggory's aunt (MN)
Father of Aravis (HHB)
Friend of Narnia, attended the creation
Queen of the Underland (SC)
Vain, gossipy friend of Aravis (HHB)
Andrew's fairy godmother (MN)
King of Archenland (HHB)
Housekeeper to Professor Kirke (LWW)
Wolf, captain of the secret police (LWW)
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia (VDT)
Usurping king of Narnia (HHB)
Traitorous Black Dwarf (PC)
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia, died on Dragon Isle (VDT)
Trustworthy squirrel (PC)
Second mouse under Reepicheep (PC)
Narnian courtier at embassy to Tashbaan (HHB)
King of Narnia, The Just, once a traitor
Queen of Narnia, The Valiant
High King of Narnia, The Magnificent, Lord of Cair Paravel, Emperor of the Lone Islands
Queen of Narnia, the Gentle, grows up too fast
Friend of Narnia, attended the creation
Last dwarf loyal to King Tirian (LB)
Accompanies Eustace into Narnia after running from bullies
Wife of Miraz (PC)
Marshwiggle (LB)
Slave dealer (VDT)
A donkey tricked into becoming the false Aslan (LB)
Crown Prince and later Tisroc of Calormen, led the failed invasion of Narnia (HHB)
'The Great', son of King Cor and Queen Aravis (HHB)
Star, father-in-law of Caspain (VDT)
Chief mouse of Narnia
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia, died on Deathwater (VDT)
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia (VDT)
First mate of the Dawn Treader (VDT)
One of the Seven Great Lords of Narnia, rescued from the Dark Island (VDT)
The only son of King Caspian, fell under enchantment for ten years (SC)
Calormene who plots to take over Narnia (LB)
Grandfather of Aravis (HHB)
Centaur, reads stars, friend of Tirian's (LB)
Giant turned into stone by the White Witch and freed later by Aslan (LLW)
Loyal sailor on the Dawn Treader (VDT)
Raven in the Narnian embassy to Calormen (HHB)
Cousin of the Pevensies, reformed pest
Young boy brought up by Arsheesh, becomes King of Archenland (HHB)
Ape who makes a donkey impersonate Aslan and gain control over Narnia (LB)
Fat old man, attendant of Bacchus (PC)
Traitor fox killed by Eustace (LB)
Horse of the Green Witch (SC)
Telmarine killed by Peter (PC)
Giant summoned to Tirian (LB)
'The inexorable', God of the Calormenes, a skeletal figure with the head of a vulture and four arms (HHB, LB)
'Lord of Victory', a moving star (PC)
Red Dwarf placed in charge of Prince Corin to prevent him from joining in battle (HHB)
Last King of Narnia (LB)
Supreme ruler of Calormen (HHB)
Talking badger who remains loyal to Aslan always (PC)
Red Dwarf who seeks out the Pevensies
Faun, Befriends Lucy when she first arrives in Narnia
Once ruler of the dead world of Charn, enslaved Narnia in a 100-year winter
A rather dim giant (PC)
Calormene goddess, 'Lady of the Night' (HHB)

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