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QUIZ: Do you know Monsta x well?

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When did Monsta x debut? (DD/MM/YYYY)
Who was the last member to join Monsta x?
What was their debut song?
Which 2 members sang the song Flower Cafe?
How was Monsta x formed?
What was their latest song?
What is the name of their fanclub and what generation is it at currently?
What was name of the song Kihyun sang for a drama?
Who is the leader?
Who is the youngest?
Which member surname is Shin?
What was the name of their latest album?
Which 2 songs did they release into a mv for CH.MX?
What award did they won on MAMA award?
Which group did they collabrate with on MAMA award?
Which member join SMTM 4?
Which member danced the Mentis dance?
Which member recently released a mixtape?
What was the name of the variety show they filmed at the starting of 2016?
Which member lived in Boston for 3 years?
Which member is good friends with Got7?
Which 3 members attended Seoul Fashion Week?
Which member went to Law of the jungle?
Which music show was their debut stage on?
Which member is the special MC for Simply Kpop?
Which member had the same hair color for 2 comebacks?
How many times were they a guest on ASC?
What song did they release first for their 3rd Mini album?
Which 2 members has this famous otp ship?
What was the song they sang for the last episode of No.Mercy?

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