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Who is the leader?
What game did bts play in Rookie king episode 8?
Who is the god of destruction?
The alien of bts.
Bts debut song.
In which music video was jungkook in a bear costume?
Who kissed V in episode 3 of rookie king?
Which song did jungkook cover for his birthday in 2016?
Who had a condom packet behind them in a video?
Who covered the song Someone like you?
Who is the best at cooking in bts?
Suga's favorite colour
Who's abd were blurred out in a bts dance practice video?
Maknae of the group
First full bts album
What was Jungkook, V and Suga's team name on American Hustle Life?
What were the names of the mentors on American Hustle Life? (Tony and ----)
Who covered the song dim the lights/expensive girl?
In what song did suga discuss his depression? (Its an agust d song)
Who is the aegyo king?
Who shows their abs in no more dream?
Who is the most lazy out of bts?
When Bts played X man, who was the x man?
Whos birthday is on the 9th of march?
Which bts memeber has written the most songs for the band?

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