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Can you name the MLB team that accomplished this feat in 2012?

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Which team...Team Bonus Info
Gave up the most home runs and gave up their manager to a division rival after the season?
Won the AL West?
Was the only AL team to win a playoff series in fewer than 5 games?
Employed the NL ERA leader for the 2nd straight year?
Won two no-hitters, and lost one?
Had the fewest wins?
Employed a player that pitched a perfect game and ended up with an ERA of 6.44?
Had a run to the playoffs that spawned the phrase 'BUCKle up'?
Had 12 different players start a game on the mound, en route to the worst record in the AL?
Had the worst team ERA in MLB?
Signed a power hitter to a huge 10-year contract, only to see him hit zero HRs in the first month?
Littered their field while protesting a call in the NL Wild Card game?
Had another miraculous playoff comeback, reminiscent of last year's World Series?
Was 3rd in the AL in hits and struck out the least, despite finishing 72-90?
Scared other NL teams, drawing the most intentional walks?
Which team...Team Bonus Info
Had a closer (2nd in the AL in saves) with the habit of shooting fake arrows after earning saves?
Had a player who finished second behind Miguel Cabrera in 2 of the Triple Crown categories?
Had the most regular season wins?
Had a no-hitter for the first time ever, breaking a streak of 8,020 games without one?
Barely missed the playoffs in 2011, but was 12 games under .500 in 2012?
Employed the NL hit leader, but again failed to finish above .500?
Had a player that led the NL in home runs?
Won 102 games in 2011 but only went .500 in 2012?
Also finished .500 after making the playoffs in 2011?
Hit the fewest home runs in MLB? (It didn't stop them from earning a more important prize.)
Opened a new ballpark?
Extended their World Series drought to 104 years?
Employed Carlos Quentin, who was hit by a pitch more than any other NL player?
Had the worst run differential in the AL, but didn't finish last in their division?
Led the AL in home runs (as a team)?

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