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What process takes place to produce haploid reproductive spores?
What are the male reproductive organs in a plant called?
Where in the male reproductive organs are male spores produced?
What structure supports this structure?
What is another name for a male spore?
What are the female reproductive organs called?
What is the structure formed when several of the former structures fuse together?
What part of the female reproductive organ forms the fruit after fertilisation?
What structure has a sticky surface to which pollon grains adhere?
What is the structure that connects the last two structures together called?
What structure contains the egg cell?
What does this develop into after fertilisation?
What are usually absent in wind-pollinated flowers?
What is another characteristic of wind pollonated flower?
What is pollination?
What is a possible disadvantage with self pollination?
What is a possible advantage with self pollination?
What two things bring about variation in the genomes of male and female gametes?
What is the thick outer wall of the pollen grain called?
What is the thin inner wall of the pollen grain?
What is the only means by which a pollen grain can reach the female nucleus in the ovule?
On landing on the stigma the pollen grains absorb...........
They then..................producing a.........................
The pollen tube grows down the.............
How does it digest its way through this structure?
Upon reaching the ovule, the pollen tube bursts open. This releases the...................into an area called the....................
How does the pollen tube enter this part of the ovule?
What is formed when the male and female nuclei fuse?
This divides by mitosis to form the..............
This consists of three parts. What is the developing shoot called?
What is the developing root called?
What are the one or two seed leaves known as?
What develops for the embryo?
What does the ovary become?
What does the ovule become?
What are the two main groups that flowering plants are divided into?
What is one main requirement for germination?
What is another main requirement for germination?
What is another main requirement for germination?
Give a reason for the first requirement.
Give a reason for the second requirement.
Give a reason for the third requirement.

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