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Forced Order
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What is Ron's middle name?
What House was Moaning Myrtle in?
Who splinches themself during Harry's first Apparition lesson?
What is the second Horcrux to be destroyed?
What is the third?
What spell is Ginny best known for?
What product of Fred and George's did Hermione refer to as 'extraordinary magic?'
What is Dean Thomas's blood status?
What is Seamus Finnigan's blood status?
What color are James Potter's eyes? (Harry's father, not his son)
Whose idea of humor did Lily Evans call 'just evil?'
How many O.W.L.s did Hermione get?
Who was named Minister of Magic after Pius Thicknesse?
Who was Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain Harry's fourth year?
Who did Seamus Finnigan go to the Yule Ball with?
In what book did Ron break his leg?
Who did the Muggles blame for the murder of the Riddles?
Who did the Ministry of Magic blame for the murder of the Riddles?
Where did Harry find the name Hedwig?
What is Harry's daughter's full name?

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