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Forced Order
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doc with a superman complexMatthew Fox
alluring fugitive who can't stay putEvangeline Lilly
bad boy conman who uses a fake nameJosh Holloway
scarred, knife-throwing hunter who is in sync with the islandTerry O' Quinn
intelligent, badass ex-torturer who is a tech expertNaveen Andrews
caring Korean woman who can secretly speak EnglishYunjin Kim
hot-tempered Korean man who has a softer interiorDaniel Dae Kim
over-protective father who definately knows his top priorityHarold Perrineau
eager young man who is looking for his placeIan Somerhalder
loveable overweight millionare who believes he is cursedJorge Garcia
heroin-addicted ex-rocker who just wants to helpDominic Monaghan
pregnant young aussie whose baby will be crucialEmilie de Raven
spoiled heiress-type who has a good person underneathMaggie Grace
Young boy who seems to be 'special'Malcolm David Kelley
agressive ex-cop who is the leader of the 'tailies'Michelle Rodriguez
helpful, and upbeat psychiatrist who always has a bright personalityCynthia Watros
druglord turned priest who builds a church and faces the smoke monster Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
crazy Scottsman who lives in a hatch and can see the futureHenry Ian Cusick
manipulative 'evil' genius who leads the othersMichael Emerson
doctor/ice queen who defects from the othersElizabeth Mitchell
gold-digging husband killer who spends her time looking for a satchel of diamondsKiele Sanchez
boy toy who also looks for diamondsRodrigo Santoro
twitchy genius with a knowledge of time-travel Jeremy Davies
sarcastic young Asian who can speak to the deadKen Leung
sneaky redhead anthropologist who spent her childhood on the islandRebecca Mader
Boozehound pilot with a knack for gtting himself in and out of sticky situationsJeff Fahey
Ageless other who ushers in and advises new leadersNestor Carbonell
pushy femme fatale who knows more than she lets onZuleikha Robinson

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