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Where are Black Sabbath originally from?
What was the original name of Black Sabbath?
What American band had a bassist called Oz Osbourne and a song called 'Black Sabbath'?
On their debut album, the song 'Warning' is a cover of what band?
What is the original title of 'War Pigs'?
What was the first Black Sabbath album to get positive reviews from critics at the time?
What is the hidden track on 'Sabotage' called?
What is the cover of Technical Ecstasy meant to depict?
Which two bands had Ronnie James Dio been in before he joined Black Sabbath?
Who replaced Bill Ward as Black Sabbath's drummer in 1981?
Due to there being three Italians in this new lineup, what did Ozzy dub the band?
What item of jewelry has Tony Iommi always worn in his live performances?
What Deep Purple vocalist featured on the album 'Seventh Star'
What was their first album to feature Tony Martin on vocals?
What is the latest studio album released under the name Black Sabbath?
The Mob Rules lineup toured and recorded from 2006-2010 under what name?
Why not as Black Sabbath?
What football team does Geezer Butler support?
Who is their song 'Digital Bitch' about?
What caused the death of Ronnie James Dio?

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