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Which country will vote on changing its flag in March?
The 80th anniversary of the accession of which British King will be celebrated on 20 January?
Which Roald Dahl novel will receive a Spielberg-directed big-screen treatment in July?
David Mitchell will play which historical figure in Ben Elton's new sitcom Upstart Crow?
Which sporting event will be contested for the 50th time on 7 February?
Which actress, who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Les Miserables, will become a mother?
Which video game series will receive its fifteenth main-line instalment in the summer?
Which country will host Eurovision, following their victory in 2015 with the song Heroes?
World One will become the world's tallest residential building when it is completed; which country is it in?
Christmas Day will take place on which day of the week?
The Olympics will take place in which city?
Who is expected to publish the sequel to his 2011 novel A Dance with Dragons?

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