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Weapon (First weapon in the game)
Weapon (Upgrade of the first weapon)
Weapon (Very strong but limited ammo)
Weapon (Shoots bouncing ___)
Weapon (Shoots and recharges fast and)
Weapon (Ammo passes through walls)
Weapon (Gets worse when leveling up)
Weapon (Sword)
Weapon (Shoots bubbles)
Weapon (Shoots better missiles)
Non-Inventory Item (+20 EXP)
Non-Inventory Item (Heals 6 hp)
Non-Inventory Item (Heals 2 hp)
Non-Inventory Item (+1 EXP)
Non-Inventory Item (+3 missiles)
Non-Inventory Item (+5 EXP)
Non-Inventory Item (+1 missile)
Non-Inventory Item (Increases MAX hp)
Non-Inventory Item (Refills hp and missiles)
Non-Inventory Item (Container)
Non-Inventory Item (Save)
Non-Inventory Item (Add Missiles)
Non-Inventory Item (Add Super Missiles
Non-Inventory Item (Gives EXP)
Inventory Item (Big Jelly drop)
Inventory Item (Underwear)
Inventory Item (First Item)
Inventory Item (Santa lost his ____)
Inventory Item (The __ __ is found in an egg)
Inventory Item (The _____ and the rusty door don't mix)
Inventory Item (Get the _____ to get the gum)
Inventory Item (The key to get into Arthur's house)
Inventory Item (The one time item that Jenka gives you)
Inventory Item (KABOOM!)
Inventory Item (It cures all)
Inventory Item (The item found in Santa's house)
Inventory Item (Gum)
Inventory Item (The item used to pick up Curly)
Inventory Item (Chaco's ___)
Inventory Item (Curly gives you this after you pass out)
Inventory Item (The key to the clinic)
Inventory Item (The chest in Mimiga Village contains...)
Inventory Item (So you won't lose as much EXP when getting hurt)
Inventory Item (The medal after beating Ironhead)
Inventory Item (The key to the teleporter room)
Inventory Item (The item found in the clock room)
Inventory Item (Sue puts this in your pocket)
Inventory Item (The Little Woman's husband)
Inventory Item (Let's the machine gun's ammo recharge faster)
Inventory Item (Better booster)
Inventory Item (The sprinkler that's broken)
Inventory Item (The first version of the booster)
Inventory Item (The badge gotten from Ma Pignon)
Inventory Item (The mushroom that cures for amnesia)
Inventory Item (The machine that shoots water)
Inventory Item (The mask worn to communicate to other mimiga)
Inventory Item (To show that you and Curly Brace are friends)
Inventory Item (The machine made by Itoh)
Inventory Item (The medal after killing the Red Ogre)
Inventory Item (The stars that goes along with the spur)
Ending (Escaping on the dragon)
Ending (Beating the undead core)
Ending (The blood stained sanctuary)
Ending (Beating the undead core with the mask on)
Character (Hates being a mimiga)
Character (Stuck in the bushlands for a third of the game)
Character (The mother of Sue and Kazuma)
Character (The witch that kidnaps Toroko)
Character (The main character)
Character (The toaster)
Character (Once a foe, now a friend)
Character (The second in mimiga village)
Character (The character who gives you the Controller)
Character (The main antagonist)
Character (First a friend, then a monster - by force)
Character (The creator of the Booster)
Character (Jenka's brother)
Character (The first in mimiga village)
Character (Ballos' sister)
Boss (The boss in Egg Corridor)
Boss (The boss in Egg Corridor?)
Boss (The boss in the Sand Zone storehouse)
Boss (The boss in The place where you get the Gumbase)
Boss (The boss in the core)
Boss (The boss in the labyrinth)
Boss (The boss in the Sand Zone)
Boss (The boss in the clinic)
Boss (The boss in the waterway)
Boss (You friend)
Boss (You fight him like 4 times)
Boss (The boss in the last cave)
Boss (This boss is fought like 3 times)
Boss (The Doctor has muscles now)
Boss (The core has been revived)
Boss (Sue)
Boss (Misery)
Boss (The boss in the mimiga cemetery)
Boss (The Midboss in BSS)
Boss (The end to the BSS)
Boss (The boss in the throne room)
Area (The first area)
Area (Where all the mimiga lived)
Area (The area with all the dragon eggs)
Area (Santa, gumbase, Kazuma locked in a house)
Area (This area is sandy)
Area (Another word for maze)
Area (Destroyed Egg Corridor)
Area (Outside of the island)
Area (Where the red flowers are grown)
Area (In game boss rush)
Area (Welcome to ____!)
Area (Where the Red Ogre is found)

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