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Big Bang Theory
What is the name of Raj's sister?
Who plays the character 'Sheldon Cooper' ?
Who is Leonard's roomate?
What does Sheldon call his nan?
What does Sheldon's nan call Sheldon?
Who is Sheldon's friend who is a girl but is not his girlfriend?
Who is Howard engaged to?
Where does Penny work?
Why doesn't Leonard trim his nose hair?
What is Raj's surname?
Big Bang Theory
What is Sheldon's middle name?
What does Howard ride to work?
Who broke Leonard and Penny up the second time they went out?
What does Sheldon watch at 6:30 on BBC America?
Howard is Jewish true or false?
Who was Sheldon's first kiss that wasn't family?
What is Howard's surname?
Who was Amy's first slumber party with?
Who was Leonard's girlfriend who is a doctor and Sheldon enjoyed having round?
Who plays the character 'Leonard Hofstadter' ?

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