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What is Ethan's town called?
What does Lena like to put in her popcorn?
Who is Ethan named after?
John Breed is part Incubus and part what?
What is Ethan's old girlfriend's name?
Who sent the Shadowing Songs?
What is Macon's real name?
Where is Lena when the windows shatter?
What car does Link drive?
What kind of drink does Liv like?
What colors are Lena's eyes in the first book?
What colors are Lena's eyes in the last?
What happened to Lena's 17th moon?
What was the club where Ethan saw Lena dancing with John Breed?
What was the librarian's name?
What was Lena's favorite poet?
What cheek was Lena's moon birthmark on?
What did Savannah give Lena for her birthday?
What did the librarian do for the Caster Library?
What was the book that made the curse?
What was this book's partner?
What did Ethan smell after dreaming of Lena?
What was Macon's dog's name?
Who was the one who made the Duchannes curse?
Who were the Sisters?
What was the Sisters' cat named?
What kind of dog is Harlon James?
Who delivers the mail?
What is the battle Ethan's town reanacts?
What is the lake that they go to?
What is the town nearest to Ethan's?
What is Savannah's last name?
Who was the person Prudence Jane wanted to sing at her funeral?
Who is Ethan's 'grandma?'
What does Ethan call Lena?
What did Ethan give Lena that she put on her charm necklace?
What kind of Caster is Lena?
Who are Lena's cousins?
Which uncle betrays Lena?
What is Lena's mom's name?
What is Ethan's dad's name?
Why is Ethan's ceiling painted blue?
What was the food place Ethan went to?
What was the only grocery store in town?
Who was the police officer at the store?
What school did Ethan go to?
What was the newspaper in Gatlin?
What was the Good Eye section in the English Class called?

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