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the author's attitude toward his or her subject
a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, using a term such as like, as, resembles, or than
a person, place, thing or event that stands for itself and for something beyond itself
the time and place of a story or play
atmosphere; feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage
the literal, dictionary definition of a word
all the meanings, association or emotions that a word suggests
the repetition of the same consonant sounds in words that are close together, or the repetition of consonant sounds that are very similar
the reader perceives something significant that the character misses
language that appeals to any of the senses
a contrast or discrepancy between expectation and reality
a long story told in poetry relating deeds of a larger than life hero who embodies the values of his society
a story that is written to be acted out in front of an audience
the central idea of a literary work
feeling of a growing uncertainty about the outcome of events in a story or play
the vantage point from which the writer has chosen to tell the story
a play on the multiple meanings of a word, or two words that sound alike but have different meanings
the series of related events that make up a story
a metaphor in which a non-human thing or quality is talked about as if it were human
one who tells a story
a kind of type of literature (poetry, drama, fiction, etc.)
clues which hint at events to come in a play or story
a struggle or clash between opposing characters or forces
the main character, the one who 'drives the action'
an obstacle to the protagonist or character who is involved in the most important conflict with the Protagonist
a character that is used to contrast another character
the process of revealing the personality of a character in a story
a reference to a statement, person, place, event, or thing well known from literature, history, religion, pop culture, etc.
an emotional release which brings about renewal of the self or welcome relief from anxiety, tension, etc.

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