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I think we're going somewhere. We're on to something good here.
Sittin in the back of my next class nappin'. Got up gave a speech then bowed to the clappin.
People make mistakes. we find that everything breaks
I was just about to quote Mark Twain when I realized that it's all in vain
I lost my phone to the lake beneath the batman ride
It was Jeremy in 1983 in his Ocean Pacific tee who got a bloody knee
Some one please save us, us college kids
Let's start a rumor just to find out where it ends
The way that girl can break a heart, it's like a work of art
We were talking together, I said what's up with this weather
He's the guy that you should feel sorry for, he had the world but thought that he wanted more
I feel like I would like to be somewhere else doing something else that matters
No i dont hate you, don't wanna fight, know I'll always love you but right now i just don't like you
I watch the proverbial sunrise, coming up over the pacific
I've given up on giving up slowly, blending in so you won't even know me
So here I sit looking at the traffic light. The red extinguishes the hope that the green ignites
So rather than imply, why don't you just verbalize all the things you're trying to say
It's been a year filled with problems, but now you're here as if to solve them
We should jerseys cause we make a good team
I'd rather forget and not slow down

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