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Señor Chang is on the hunt for a cheater and threatens to fail the entire class.
Jeff talks Troy into playing for the college's football team, sparking Annie's anger.
Jeff's plan to get chicken fingers from the school cafeteria for the study group quickly evolves into a mafia movie.
Brita comes between Abed and his father when she signs him up for a film class
Jeff and Britta plot revenge on a group of high schoolers who make fun of them for attending community college.
Annie uses inside information about Señor Chang to get him fired so that the study group will be forced to stay together and take Spanish again.
Greendale Comunity College is transformed into an apocalyptic war zone when the dean promises the winner of a paintball competition priority registration.
Will Jeff blow off Annie's Halloween party and sell out his other classmates in order to get a chance to score with a sexy professor?
It's Family Day at Greendale. Pierce's tries to build a relationship with his stepdaughter, but she has eyes for Jeff instead.
Jeff and Shirley bond by making fun of Britta's new hippie boyfriend.
Jeff hangs out with Senor Chang to get out of an essay.
Jeff takes steps to ensure that Brita will be his partner in Spanish class.
Jeff sets out to fix his relationship with Britta after things get awkward with a drunken phone call.
Britta's April Fool's Day prank has disastrous consequences, but she refuses to confess.
Jeff signs up for a pottery class for an easy credit, but winds up failing the class when his jealousy of another student gets the best of him.
Shirley throws a Christmas party for the gang and much to her surprise learns her classmates come from various religious backgrounds.
When Annie starts hanging out with Britta's ex-boyfriend Vaughn, Britta and Jeff vow to protect her.
Jealousy runs rampant at Greendale as Britta and Professor Slater fight for the affection of Jeff.
Jeff refuses to participate in a pool class because the teacher forces him to play in gym shorts.
Annie helps the dean put on an 'STD Fair'.
When Jeff loses his home and his car, he is forced to move into Abed's dorm room.
Jeff runs in to problems when the study group and the dean discover that he's seeing a professor.
Jeff reluctantly agrees to be Annie's debate partner.
The gang decides not to let an obnoxious student from their Spanish class into the study group.
An ex-lawyer is forced to return to community college to get a degree.

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